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Personal Narrative- My Life as a Student, Athlete and Christian Essay

Individual Narrative-My Life as a Student, Athlete and Christian â€Å"I knew this was rapture, knew it at the time.† These expressions of Eudora Welty, despite the fact that communicating her inclination from eating up book after book, can likewise be applied to my life. While not identifying with my education, Welty’s lexis in any case passes on my own emotions in the wake of learning the criticalness of difficult work. I’ve put abundance exertion in playing out the jobs of an understudy, a competitor, and a Christian. Achievement and development in every part of my life has shown me the worth and need of a solid hard working attitude. Experiencing grade school, accomplishing ‘A’s implied depending on concentrating as opposed to my insight. In spite of the fact that not staffed â€Å"gifted† like individual colleagues, I was as yet headed to pick up the endorsement and consideration of both my instructors and guardians. This inspiration kept me concentrated on finishing schoolwork assignments and getting ready for tests. At the end of the day, I had no space for relaxing. This test to be a standout researcher is like Eudora Welty’s preliminary of setting off to the library: â€Å"I was willing; I would do anything to read.† She represents her responsibility to the test of perusing. In like manner, I was eager to invest as much exertion as it took to pull off straight ‘A’s. Additionally, getting report cards with straight ‘A’s just promoted my aspiration. The acknowledgment picked up from over and over achieving that accomplishment demonstrated that difficu lt work paid off. Proceeded with progress as an understudy has cultivated my devotion to keeping up fanatical work propensities. Moreover, an adoration for sports coupled my craving to make a solid effort to begin a multi-skilled games vocation. Indeed, I wound up looking for the consideration of someone, this time my mentors, so as to stand apart from the rest. While mentors ... ...rvice. After three more WorldChangers trips, this enthusiasm to be a hireling to others has developed to deeply affect my hard working attitude, impacting me to do the best employment I can when helping other people so as to show God’s love without limit. As John Hope Franklin guaranteed, â€Å"I would utilize my energies to make me a superior person.† With the insight procured from encounters like WorldChangers and from individual siblings in-Christ like different youth ministers, I’ve increased a reason behind the endeavors put into my difficult work. Luckily, life has instructed me that it is smarter to depend on considering, practice, and God as opposed to your own insight, athletic expertise, or karma. Regardless of what everyday issue, achievement takes a tad of difficult work. The numerous individuals and occasions I’ve experienced during my time have â€Å"provided a sound reason for my perspectives and direct from that day to this.†

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Essay on Pride and Prejudice as Romantic Novel and Romantic Criticism

Pride and Prejudice as Romantic Novel and Romantic Criticism   , all things considered, Jane Austen ridicules ordinary sentimental books by rearranging the desires for all consuming, instant adoration and the festival of energy and physical allure, and censuring their need of sense. In any case, there are likewise components of regular sentiment in the novel, remarkably, in the achievement of Jane and Bingley's adoration.  The main sign of Austen's reversal of acknowledged sentimental shows is Elizabeth and Darcy's common abhorrence on first sight. Be that as it may, Jane and Bingley become hopelessly enamored very quickly, and the advancement of their sentiment follows ordinary sentimental novel intelligence, down to the snags as Darcy's and Bingley's sisters' dissatisfaction (the run of the mill objection to the Family) and the fascination between the rich youngster and the white collar class house keeper. Their Cinderella story finishes in joyfully ever-after, as does Elizabeth's and Darcy's. Elizabeth's resistance of Lady Catherine reviews Meg's rebellion of her auntie in Little Women, and Darcy's eagerness to acknowledge Elizabeth in spite of the inadequacy of her associations is a triumph of customary sentimental novel desires.  One of the most striking instances of Austen's parody is her accentuation on reason, rather than the wanton energy commended into the main part of sentimental books. Lydia and Wickham's marriage is viewed as a triumph of their interests over their goodness, and she is sure that little perpetual joy can emerge from such an association. This is exemplified by Wickham's duration of his luxurious propensities, and the decline of any emotions between them to impassion. The detachment Mr Bennet has for his significant other, and the unsatisfactorine... ...Holmes and Meier Publishers, Inc., 1983. Jane Austen Info Page. Henry Churchyard. U of Texas, Austin. 23 Nov. 2000.  â â â <>. Kaplan, Deborah.â Structures of Status: Eighteenth-Century Social Experience as Form in Courtesy Books and Jane Austen's Novels. Diss. College of Michigan, 1979. Monaghan, David.â Jane Austen Structure and Social Vision.â New York: Barnes and Noble Books, 1980. Poplawski, Paul.â A Jane Austen Encyclopedia.â Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1998. Reidhead, Julia, ed. Norton Anthology of English Literature vol. 7, second ed. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 2000. Ward, David Allen. Pride and Prejudice. Explicator. 51.1: (1992). Wright, Andrew H. Feeling and Complexity in Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Donald Gray. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1966. 410-420.

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They Reviewed Decoding Book Reviews He Texted-Style

They Reviewed Decoding Book Reviews He Texted-Style Book Riot colleague Rebecca Schinsky forwarded me the link to this HORRIFYING new website HeTexted  in which girls send in ambiguous text messages from potential flames and the internet is allowed to vote whether Hes into you, Hes not into you, or Verdicts still out. Just when you thought  the future of mankind couldnt get any more bleak it did. In any event we thought it would be fun to play around with this idea with recent book reviews. How INTO this book are the reviewers, exactly? Lets find out. Janet Maslins  NY Times review of Killing Kennedy by Bill OReilly and Martin Dugard   The authors are not content to say that Jan. 20, 1961, is a cold day. They must point out that “a brutal wind strafes the crowd.”   So do you LIKE the fact that they took a 4th grade word like cold and replaced it with a punchy phrase that included the SAT word strafe? If you use the word strafe in your SAT essay, I bet you get an automatic 2400. If you use the word strafe in your book and Janet Maslin reviews it, its unclear whether she thinks youre a vocabulary gangster or a jackass. Scintillating? No. But sneakily dramatic? Yes. Lets do the If someone said to you at a party Youre not scintillating, but you are sneakily dramatic what would you think? I would think If I made out with you in just my panties and I was wearing good-tasting flavored lipgloss, you would probably think I was more scintillating. I would also think Youre a dick, Person Talking to Me. Apparently, 7 percent of Americans would do well to read it. Someone help me with this, I have NO IDEA what seven percent Maslin is referring to. Is there a famous Kennedy thing about seven percent? Is it in reference to something Romney or Obama said recently? Is Theres a book out there for seven percent of America a pre-Civil War, like, antebellum expression? And is it the nice seven percent of America or the naughty seven percent or the seven percent that is NOT scintillating but IS sneakily dramatic? Is Janet Maslin THAT INTO  Killing Kennedy? She like, didnt have the worst sex ever with it but shes going to find all kinds of excuses to get out of being its date to its cousins wedding. Ron Charles reviews Justin Cronins The Twelve for the Washington Post In 2010, just when we’d all had enough of Bowflex vampires, the Count got a desperately needed transfusion from an unlikely donor: An English professor at Rice University named  Justin Cronin  had been patiently digging in the graveyard of literary fiction for 20 years. He’d graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He’d received nice reviews and won a PEN/Hemingway Award and a Whiting Award â€" prizes that can drive dozens of people to buy your books. . . . Im confused, because I thought nice reviews were a big deal and a PEN/Hemingway was like, the biggest deal before you get to prizes people have actually heard of like Olympic medals. A bunch of literary authors reading this feel really bad about themselves right now. But then his 9-year-old daughter suggested he write about a girl who saves humanity from destruction, and the undead swooped in with a multimillion-dollar book-and-movie deal. I think there was a part in between where he actually had to work really hard to write the book (I know he sold it/the movie rights with only a partial draft, but whatever, he still  had to work hard on that partial draft), but I didnt mean to steal your thunder, Ron Charles, go back to rolling your eyes about that PEN/Hemingway award. “The Passage,” Book 1 of Cronin’s vampire apocalypse, was the scariest, most entertaining novel I’d read in a long time. Oh. You LIKE him. Thats a definite like. Now, finally, comes the long-awaited second volume, and as much as it pains me to say it, “The Twelve” bites. No, you USED to like him, but now youve got your Disappointed Dad face on. What’s truly bizarre is that a novel so burdened with exposition manages to provide so little necessary explanation. By disappointed I mean HE HATES YOU! In the HeTexted world, thats like a text reading something like Please stop talking to me so that I can assume you are dead. One long strand of the plot involving soldiers and oil workers in Texas provides little more than strategy meetings, which chills me all the way down to my day planner. Not only does he hate you, Justin Cronin, hes HAVING FUN HATING YOU! The light hasn’t completely gone out of this series, but beware: It’s fading into “Twilight.” Hes not having fun hating you any more, hes just gone back to regular hating you.  Is Ron Charles THAT into The Twelve?   No but he IS that into Cronin. Hes doing that thing where a girl talks about how much she HATES a dude because she loves that dude and just wants to talk about him lots. Sign up for True Story to receive nonfiction news, new releases, and must-read forthcoming titles.

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Informative Speech Make Your Lifestyle Healthy - 930 Words

Make Your Lifestyle Healthy According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2015, seventy percent of males and fifty seven percent of females are overweight in the United States. As new children come into the world, they are being taught that being overweight and unhealthy is pretty typical throughout our society. Well, it’s easy to makes changes necessary to switch the direction of which the future is facing. To live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow three simple steps; eat right, be active, and be mentally happy. It all begins with a good diet. This doesn’t mean having a strict diet plan, which gives a guideline of what can and can’t be consumed for every meal of the day. This simply means in order to maintain healthy, nutritious eating habits need to be in play. Eating at fast food joints for every meal throughout the day makes it pretty easy to predict that there will be some weight gain. Even having a routine of eating out just once a day will have a negative affect. Greasy or high calorie foods are linked to many medical conditions like strokes, diabetes, and more. For example, if one has a job that demands a lot of time, most likely the meals will be on the run. A quick McDonald’s trip may be taken for lunch, and then another trip to say Taco Bell for dinner. From being on the run all day, that person may have to survive the day by consuming energy drinks and or pills. Believe it or not, it is possible to change this routine. Having a healthy andShow MoreRelatedInformative Speech793 Words   |  4 PagesA List of Informative Speech Topics: Pick Only Awesome Ideas! Just when you thing youre way past through the question How to write an essay?, another one comes. Thats the thing students desperately Google like What is a informative speech? – and, believe experts, this is something youll definitely need some professional help in. Informative speaking is a speech on completely new issue. Tell your audience something they have never known! Now that you know the answer to the question â€Å"WhatRead MoreInformative Speech on Fitness Essay1079 Words   |  5 PagesSpeech Topic: College Fitness Speech Title: How To Stay Fit in College Speech Type: Informative Audience Analysis Knowledge: Many listeners have 1st hand knowledge on what its like being a college kid, specifically the problem of being broke and busy in college and how hard it is to prioritize personal fitness, however, this knowledge probably goes without the knowledge of the techniques of staying fit even with a hectic lifestyle. Attitudes: The audience more than likely feels some disdainRead MoreInformative Speech on Eating Healthy While Having a Busy Lifestyle661 Words   |  3 Pages Informative Speech 9:00 am- 10:25am October 8, 2012 Topic: Eating Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience how to eat healthily on the run Central Idea: Ill talk about choosing healthy foods when at a restaurant, packing your lunch, and keeping nutritious snacks on hand. INTRODUCTION Attention- getter: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rhea Lopez and Im here to talk about eating healthy withRead MoreEating Healthily with a Busy Lifestyle3254 Words   |  14 PagesComm 1100 - Pergrem Speech 1 – Informative Speech Assignment Examples Hybrid-Online Online COMM 1100 Spring 2012 Assignment Basics Speech: Present an extemporaneous informative speech to the class on a topic of your choosing in the format described. Time limits: 3-5 minutes Outline: â€Å"Write† your speech in the form of a detailed outline as discussed. Avoid using complete sentences; use bullet points. Do NOT write out your speech like an English paper. Notes: The outline you create willRead MoreInformative Speech Outline802 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech Outline I. Introduction A. Thanks 1. Thanks professor Tuckerman for the introduction. B. Salutation 1. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. C. Ethos 1. What increases heart rate, causes sleep disturbance, makes people cry, act violent, makes some people sleep more and causes untold aches and pains? It s Wednesday! Six hours of homework to do, babysit the little sister, feed the dog, cut the grass, oh and lets not forget your boyfriend is being a jerkRead MoreEssay on Informative Speech Outline-Childhood Obesity840 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech Outline Jill Lesmann Oral Communications Cathleen Kruska April 9th 2015    Topic: Childhood Obesity INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter: Hi, my name is Jill. I have been a pediatric nurse for almost 2 years now. According to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2011, childhood Obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. And in 2012, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. IIRead MoreSleep Deprivation On College Students1125 Words   |  5 Pageshasn’t started on yet, I have basketball practice from 8-10pm Monday and Wednesday, my sorority has a formal this week that I need to help coordinate and on top of that I was up till 2 in the morning last night correcting a reference page for an informative speech. I can’t possibly get all these things done in the time frame I have so what do I sacrifice? I sacrifice my sleep.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   B. Thesis- When the projects, exams, and extra-curricular activities start to pile up on one another it seems as thoughRead MoreOutline Of A Speech On Diabetes1263 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Informative Speech Outline I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: How many of you have a family member, friend, or knows someone who has diabetes? B. Background Audience Relevance: Diabetes is a disease that now in days is becoming more common to society because of the lifestyle in which many of us eat and how easy and cheap it is to obtain unhealthy fast food. C. Speaker Credibility: my mom has been a diabetic for about 10 years I have learned a lot from personal experiences, doctors’ appointmentsRead MoreOutlining an Informative Speech: Anabolic Steroids1824 Words   |  8 Pages| Outlining an Informative SpeechAnabolic Steroids in Sports | | | OUTLINE OF SPEECH ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER An athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. Athletes train and practice year-round to prepare for the competition and challenges. Most high school, college, amateur and professional athletes participate in sports for the opportunity to pit their abilities against those of their peers, andRead MoreVegetarianism : Is It The Right Lifestyle Choice For You?4983 Words   |  20 Pagesit the Right Lifestyle Choice for you? Dacy Duerst Madison College â€Æ' Abstract Over time peoples body s change and so do personal goals. When one chooses to become a vegetarian it is important to consider all factors and to educate oneself. When considering the life style of being a vegetarian one needs to look at health benefits and facts, different types of the diet, the disadvantages, and understand how to go about it in a healthy way. For a person to take part in the lifestyle choices of a

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Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value Free Essays

Mediators scope adjustments to accommodate new realities or incorporate new capabilities can pay off, but only when they’re done very intentionally and with a hard-nosed insistence on demonstrating up front where the money is going to come from. Such vigilance doesn’t just happen, which is why for every story like Infant’s, there’s probably three or four that speak to the dangers of creep. Need an example? Think of the Big Dig, the highway project to put Boson’s central artery underground, in which scope changes were all too casually agreed to when they were noticed at all. We will write a custom essay sample on Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value or any similar topic only for you Order Now Construction for this project began in 1991 and was supposed to take 10 years and cost $4. 9 billion. Current projections suggest that more realistic figures are, at minimum, 14 years and $14. 6 billion. You treat every project as utterly unique, none of the learning from one project to another-?which essentially has to do with recognizing patterns-?transfers over,† says Steven Wheelwright, a professor and senior associate dean at Harvard Business School (HOBS) whose research focuses on product and process development. And just what is this relevant learning Wheelwright is referring to? Conversations with project managers who have a track record of success underscore the importance of adopting, in the initial planning phase, key frameworks, rules, and structures to ensure: ; The right people have defined the project’s scope. ; The project’s boundaries have been sharply delineated. ; The impact of potential alterations or slippage can be quickly calculated. In the implementation phase, the challenge is to organize the work so as to minimize the inherent uncertainties. Whether you’re the manager or the executive sponsor of any major project, a solid methodology that’s sensitive to creep can make it easier for you to decide, in the moment, which project add-ions to say yes to and which to pass on. The planning phase A surprising number of projects get under way without a thorough attempt to define their parameters, specs, and performance characteristics. Haste is the chief culprit here, says Dave Nonfat, who brings 40 years of industry project management experience to his role as Enron operations adviser at HOBS and project manager for the renovation of one of the school’s main classroom buildings. â€Å"There’s a minimum lead time that all projects require,† says Nonfat, and it’s the responsibility of the project’s manager to know what that lead time is and to ensure that it not squeezed. Here are the key tasks of the planning phase: Differentiate scope from purpose. As you define the parameters of a project, its critical to separate its scope from its purpose. â€Å"A project’s purpose is the general benefit it will provide to the organization,† explains Alex Walton, a Winter Park, AAA. Based project con- Copyright C 2005 by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved. 3 Project Creep (continued) sultan who’s worked with computer, aerospace, financial, and medical/nutritional companies. â€Å"Its scope comprises the particular elements (or product attributes) that the project team can control and has agreed to deliver. For example, a project’s purpose may be to create a new food item that will increase sales by $20 million. But the team developing the product needs to know what features the product must have and what the budget for producing the product will be. This is the information that a three- to four-sentence document known as a scope statement provides; it spells out how the team inten ds to achieve success and, thus, the criteria on which it will be evaluated. Involve key stakeholders. Make sure that you have the right people defining the project’s scope. â€Å"If you don’t have all the affected stakeholders and sponsors at the table, either you won’t get an accurate identification of the critical dependencies and functionalities or you won’t have the people who can ensure that the project hews to those critical dependencies and functionalities,† says Brian Dobby, a Enron project manager for Meddles, a Mason, Ohio-based subsidiary of Custodianship’s, who oversees the installation of electronics systems in health care facilities. For this reason, it’s crucial to include â€Å"the end users perspective and needs when you’re scoping out the functionality that’s required,† says Wheelwright. In the renovation of Baker Library at HOBS, for example, project planners solicited faculty members’ input about the prototypes of the new office spaces that were being designed for them. Plan in the aggregate. Getting the right people involved in defining the scope ND devoting sufficient time to the project planning phase aren’t enough to ensure that the project has clear boundaries, however. Organizations also need to do aggregate project planning,† says Wheelwright, â€Å"in which they develop a strategy that lays out a pattern and rhythm for when subsequent projects will occur. † This is especially important for new product development. Without such a schedule for future projects, a product engineer with a new idea can grow concerned that it will never be implemented; as a result, there’s a strong temptation for the engineer to try to slip that idea into the product that’s currently in placement-?regardless of its impact on the cost and schedule. The analysis of prior projects serves as a valuable adjunct to aggregate planning. For example, study the past 1 0 internal IT projects your company has undertaken what patterns emerge? The findings can help you identify and better prepare for potential trouble spots in the IT projects that are on the docket for the coming years. Set the rules. One last piece Of work in the planning phase that can minimize the chances of project creep involves creating buffers or rules that make it difficult for significant hanged to occur without conscious discussion and approval. For instance: ; Set up a change control board. In highly structured project environments, such a group is responsible for â€Å"gathering information about the impact that a proposed change will have on the schedule, budget, or scope; voting on the proposed change; and then sending a request-for-change document on for the project sponsors’ signature,† says Bob Tartan, a senior consultant who specializes in IT and telecommunications projects for Haverford, pa. -based PM Solutions. Thus, for an IT project affecting the sales, marketing, and logistics departments, the change intro board would comprise senior managers from each of these units. How to cite Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value, Papers

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Knowing oneself Essay Example

Knowing oneself Essay Knowing oneself is the first step in becoming a fully functioning individual and recognizing that we have strengths and weaknesses that help us become better persons by building on what we are good at and by improving what we are not good at. As a worker and as a human being, we are required to interact and relate with other people. In any relationship, may that be of boss and subordinate or between parents and children or friends, we must be able to communicate effectively, and thinking that I am pretty good at this aspect, I was excited to take the assessment tests on communication to maybe validate what I believe is one of my strengths or to find out weaknesses that I may not be aware of. Moreover, we also took motivation skills assessment to test our level of motivation and our motivating skills in the workplace. The results are very important to me since I know that motivating others is not one of my greatest assets. What follows  Ã‚   is a presentation of my assessment result s in communication and motivation identifying my strengths and weaknesses and a plan of action that I would accomplish to become a better person, enhancing what I have and developing what I don’t have. Communication The communication assessment consisted of three subtests including communicating supportively, my personal use of supportive communication and my communication styles, as well as a role playing exercise that presented a communication dilemma. I discovered that I have a number of strengths in this aspect and have a few weaknesses as well. Strengths My communication style uses more of probing responses (86) which is an indicator of an effective communicator. I tend to ask people about what they feel and think about a situation or views on an issue and in the process clarify or gain a better understanding of other people. I do not use many advising responses (2) which actually may sound condescending to others and would make them feel incompetent. I try to let people know that I know that they are thinking individuals and I do not have to offer them any suggestions. In my supportive communication assessment, I tend to be problem-oriented, consistent, descriptive, validating and owned my statements (1a, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5a). I generally try to say to others what I mean and mean what I say, in the most diplomatic way and one that tells them that I understand their situation but that things have to be done and their cooperation is needed to get it done. Weaknesses I am not adept at reflecting responses (1), I seem to concentrate more on asking questions that makes the employee elaborate or clarify more on the issue or topic. I admit though that I do not make use of reflecting responses seems it feels redundant to me or just like repeating what the other person said. Generally though, it seems that I don’t have very good supportive communication skills. My total score is 69 which is almost half of the ideal score (120) and it places me in the bottom quartile. When I think about it I realize that I do lack the skill on coaching and counseling and I don’t know how to give negative feedback, I more often try to concentrate on the problem and what is to be done and usually end up doing it myself. In the role-playing exercise, I had difficulty communicating what I wanted to say and was also not attentive of my partners responses, hence I think I should develop more on this skill. Action Plan Based on the assessment results on my supportive communication skills and communication styles, I would strive hard to learn more about effective communication by reading books and following some of the tips in the lectures. I also need to work on my reflecting responses skills because I realize that this is the most effective style for supportive communication and yet I rarely use it. I also need to make a distinction between counseling and coaching and evidently I do not have any idea of how to do it properly, instead I might end up hurting other people’s feelings. Attentive listening is also a skill that I fail to use and must learn to use more often. What I learned from this experience is that no matter how good a communicator we are, but to actually b effective in it is a difficult to do, on that takes an honest assessment of my communicating skills and us it as a basis for further improvement. We will write a custom essay sample on Knowing oneself specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Knowing oneself specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Knowing oneself specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Motivation The second part of our assessment exercises involved measuring our level of motivation and our performance problems and our motivational skills. The results indicate that I do not have broad-based motivational problems at work but there are those that need to be looked into. While in motivating others, my score of 87 falls in the third quartile compared to the mean group and is not that far from the ideal score (120). Strengths I found out from the result of the assessment that I am good at motivating others by telling them that they are good at what they do (aptitude) and I expect them to successfully accomplish their tasks (expectations). It seems that this two approaches usually work for me and hence I repeatedly use it to motivate others. In the role-playing exercise I was able to reach a compromise with my subordinate, that when she shows an improvement in performance for the next week I will not put her under disciplinary action. This shows that I can actually settle conflicting views by being diplomatic about it and yet reaching an acceptable resolution to the issue. Weaknesses I had difficulty in motivating others by facilitating improvement of skills and by linking rewards to performance. I usually think that everybody is intrinsically motivated to become at what they do because it is self-gratifying, but I did not account for the fact that some people are not as driven as the rest of us. In the role-playing exercise, I realized that I did have a short patience for arguments and was almost becoming irritated thankfully I had the idea to reach a compromise rather than to insist in what I think should be the right solution. Action Plan I realized that there are more ways in motivating others and that I can learn it to become an effective motivator. There are a number of self-help books and the readings that the professor gave us can help me learn more about motivation and its many uses. I am also curious at how to Use effective punishment and reward because I might be unknowingly contributing to negative attitudes and behaviors in others. I also would like to learn more of my own levels of motivation and where it comes from and how to develop it more. I did understand that sometimes not getting what I want done is not a sign of failure, but finding ways to resolve and issue in the best possible means is more important.

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Red Summer essays

Red Summer essays The Red Scare is about the period in the history of the United States immediately following WWI. The dates are approximately from the Armistice in November of 1918 to the collapse of hyperinflation in 1920. Within these two dates the country witnessednot so much in rapid succession as concurrentlya deadly flu epidemic, a strike wave of unparallel proportions, harsh suppression in some cases of those strikes, race riots, hyper-inflation, mass round-ups and deportations of foreign born citizens, expulsion of duely-elected officials from various offices in government, an incapacitated president, espionage laws, sedition laws and, of course, the advent of Prohibition and women's suffrage. 1919 was characterized by over 3300 strikes and labor violence suddenly erupted in this time. After the war workers had hoped for a better life. The war had brought many industrial employees higher pay, shorter hours, and better working conditions. Many American workers attacked the union activity, in addition inflation was rapidly rising and soon the cost of living was 77 percent higher than before the war. This resulted in workers going on strike. One particular incident was one in Seattle. This strike began with workers who had walked out of their jobs from a shipyard. This began a strike that soon crippled the city. The IWW was the Industrial Workers of the World. This was a group who used strikes, boycotts, and sabotage to get their way. These such tactics added to peoples anxieties. U.S. attorney General Palmer focused on deporting suspected anarchists and communists. This lead to bombings, one that included Palmers porch. Political violence appeared in the form of bombings. One of the worlds worst race riots occurred in Chicago. It all started when a young teenager named Eugene Williams swam in an area located for whites only and was killed by a blow to the head from a rock. After he had drowned from this the pe ...